Country Magazine Top 10 Hidden Gems

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Last Year, Country Magazine launched an interesting project.  They decided to send their scenic photographers out to search for what they call the “Hidden Gems” of state and national parks – beautiful, virtually unknown, public parks that are truly treasures, so amazing that they are well worth a trip off the beaten path.  Here at Cabins of Birch Hollow, we are delighted that the Red River Gorge, in the Daniel Boone National Forest in Southeastern Kentucky, at the western base of the Appalachian Mountains, made the Top Ten list of Hidden Gems in Country Magazine’s June 2014 issue!!  

The article below has three incredible pictures of the Red River Gorge, but the one showing up here is the spectacular view of Devil’s Canyon.  All 10 of these “Hidden Gems” are distinguished as uncrowded but incredible – a wonderful alternative to crowded park and resort areas for those adventurous souls seeking natural “diamonds in the rough” and ready to be amazed at what is still out there in our country to be discovered.  The Gorge is located just a few miles from our cabins in Stanton, Kentucky.

Kentucky Natural Wonders: Red River Gorge

Kentucky natural wonders like sandstone arches, towering cliffs and plunging ravines delight visitors to Red River Gorge. 

Country Magazine RRGWith more than 100 natural sandstone arches, Kentucky’s Red River Gorge Geological Area boasts one of America’s largest collections of these picturesque wonders.Carved out of the Cumberland Plateau, the gorge, with its massive forested cliffs and narrow ravines, is part of the Daniel Boone National Forest and one of the state’s most popular hiking areas. The Red River makes a fabulous avenue for canoeists and kayakers to wind through the gorge.

You can see many of the arches along the gorge’s 60 miles of hiking trails. One of the most impressive and widely known, Sky Bridge, is easily reached via a scenic loop trail of less than a mile that offers ­awesome views into the gorge. The trail passes over and beneath this 75-foot-long, 23-foot-high natural stone bridge.

The Kentucky natural wonders Sky Bridge and the other arches were sculpted by weather and water when the softer shale and siltstone layers eroded away, leaving only the harder sandstone layers standing the test of time. 

After exploring the gorge, we like to visit the adjacent Natural Bridge State Resort Park, home of more rock formations, including Kentucky’s best-known sandstone arch, Natural Bridge. A spectacular 78 feet long, 65 feet high and 20 feet wide, it can be reached by a short scenic trail. 

Natural Bridge State Resort Park’s Hemlock Lodge, with its attached restaurant, is a convenient and welcoming place to end a great day of discovery.

We invite you to experience the wonder of this hidden gem – the Red River Gorge – for yourself!!  There is so much to do and see here, including the amazing Natural Bridge State Resort Park, and even though this is a natural wilderness, you and your loved ones  can enjoy a deluxe cabin during your adventure.