Enjoy a delightful 12-minute walking tour of Birch Hollow with Craig Caudill, Director of Nature Reliance School, in nearby Winchester, Kentucky! Craig has a wealth of knowledge about the Red River Gorge and everything this amazing "hidden treasure" has to offer - from a huge palette of trees, plants, and flowers, to hundreds of varieties of wildlife, to opportunities to learn how to survive and thrive in this natural wonderland.  

Craig loves to teach students of all ages about the wonders of nature, tracking, and especially about developing survival skills.  In this video he prepared especially for us, Craig teaches about edible and medicinal plants you will see right here in Birch Hollow, while sharing some great stories about stone chimneys, bootleggers, and early settlers who lived here over a hundred years ago!  Listen for the sound of the creek that flows through the Hollow and be amazed at the rock formations and natural beauty as Craig walks you through our 300-acre development.

In May of 2015, we held our first survival course right in Birch Hollow, with participants enjoying their cabin, learning hands-on basic survival skills from Craig, sharing delicious prepared meals, and having an all-around great time.  We hope to have more survival courses in Birch Hollow in the future!

Nature Reliance School offers free courses in basic Wilderness Safety and Survival at public libraries throughout Kentucky, as well as several advanced classes at various locations around the state and throughout the country.  Why not check out their event calendar and include a hands-on survival class with your family and friends on your next mountain getaway to one of our cabins?  Craig makes learning about wonders of nature and the strategies for survival so much fun!

We are excited about the success of Craig's first book Extreme Wilderness Survival - which you can purchase on Amazon  - as it captures decades of his experience in one handy book you can carry with you.  Way to go, Craig!

As Craig says all the time, "Come on, join in, and let's learn together".