What would you and your Family Do in the Event of a National Disaster?
Are You Prepared?

How would YOU respond if

the national power grid COLLAPSES…



…or there is civil unrest, for whatever reason,

and you suddenly have no access to…



 Computers, Smart Phones, Food, Gasoline, Electricity, Medicine, ATMs, Banks…CASH!!!


Would you…


    • Pull your hair out, wring your hands, scream, faint, panic – like the guy above? (Understandable, but not helpful) 


    • Hide out and wait for the government to rescue you? (Good luck with that one!) 


    • Pray and wait for a miracle? (It is said that God helps those who help themselves) 


    • Cry and hope someone, somewhere will save you? (What if everyone else is crying and hoping, too?) 


    • Grab your gun and run for the hills? (Do you have a gun?  Do you know how to use it properly? Are there any hills to run to?) 


    • Grad your butt and kiss it goodbye? (Challenging, painful, and also not helpful)



Or would you…

Calmly gather your loved ones around you

and put into action all the skills and tactics you learned

at Prepare, Survive, and Thrive training

from experienced, knowledgeable instructors?

(Smart cookie!  Good for YOU!)




Here at Cabins of Birch Hollow, we believe in hoping for the best but being prepared for anything, and we want to make it easy for YOU to be prepared, as well.


We are very excited to partner with Gorge-ous Getaways to announce the very FIRST EVER Birch Hollow Prepare, Survive and Thrive Event, bringing in knowledgeable, experienced instructors living near the Red River Gorge and Natural Bridge area for three days of hands-on training right here in the Hollow!


By day, you’ll learn critical skills to get you and your family safely through any crisis. Your first day and a half will be focused on “Urban Preparedness”, so you’ll know exactly what to do if you are in a city when a crisis hits.


The second day and a half, we’ll take to the woods to teach you essential wilderness survival skills, just in case you need to “bug out” to get away from the chaos that may ensue.


By night, you’ll relax in one of our 10 luxury cabins in Birch Hollow, enjoy a bubbling hot tub or a campfire and s’mores in your own fire pit, or maybe just watch a little TV.  No “roughing it” here!



To make this experience extra special for you, we’re including a fourth FREE day stay in our cabins to give you the opportunity to enjoy the great adventures in the area – the sky lift and hike out to Natural Bridge, Lookout Point, and Lover’s Leap; zip lining; hiking, canoeing, kayaking or just driving through the amazing Red River Gorge; rock-climbing; exploring the new, easy hike right in the Hollow; or just relaxing in this beautiful, natural area to restore your spirit.  We can even customize the event if you want to bring along family or friends, whether they choose to join in the training or just enjoy the getaway while you train.


Skylift-Resized-to-50-by-50Walking on the Natural Bridge Arch - Resized to 10 by 10


You’ll also receive several meals during your training, a FREE Preparedness Plan, DVDs of our Urban Preparedness and Wilderness Survival Skills to take home and reinforce what you’ll learn in the training, the Ozark Survival Kit from Dan’s Depot, designed by our Chief Instructor, Craig Caudill, in addition to the three days of life-saving training – to make sure you not only survive, but thrive, in any crisis.


Wouldn’t you rather be prepared for a disaster (that we hope and pray will never happen), than be among the “clueless” who are running around like headless chickens if a crisis occurs?  We hope you will choose to be prepared. 


As a special bonus for this

FIRST EVER Birch Hollow Prepare, Survive and Thrive Event

we have a discount you don’t want to miss out on!!

Our partner, Gorge-ous Getaways, will send you all the details.

As a gift for you just for requesting the information,

and to get you thinking about how to get prepared for anything,

you’ll also receive a FREE Preparedness Plan written by

our instructor, Craig Caudill of Nature Reliance School,

to get you thinking about how to get prepared for anything.  

Click Here to get all the details NOW!


We hope you will join us, to learn how to

Prepare, Survive and Thrive!!