Exploring the Colorful Possibilities of Red River Gorge, Kentucky during Fall (Part 3)

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red-river-gorge-kentucky-fallcolorsThis week, we here at the Cabins of Birch Hollow will continue our series, “Exploring the Colorful Possibilities of Red River Gorge, Kentucky during Fall”. If you are in search of a highly revered vacation spot that is bursting at the seams with beauty, includes a vast array of adventures waiting to be experienced, and is perfectly suited for the entire family, you are sure to love Red River Gorge. This popular area in the State of Kentucky is considered to be a mecca for those that enjoy the thrill of rock climbing. Writers, photographers, and travel enthusiasts state that it is an oasis of natural-based beauty and a wonderful spot for outdoor fun – especially during the colorful and mild fall months.

Adventure up a Via Ferrata

Have you ever wanted to try your hand at rock climbing? If you have, you will be pleased to know that you have the unique ability to adventure up a Via Ferrata. This is an Italian term that means “Iron Road”. These rocks include a large assortment of metal rungs. The very first recreational via ferratas was actually constructed in Red River Gorge, at the Torrent Falls Climbing Adventure. Constructed in the year of 2001, this rock climbing adventure has two easy adventures, two advanced adventures, and one adventure called the “black diamond”. If you are searching for a way to connect to nature this fall, adventure up one of the via ferratas that are currently available in and around Red River Gorge!

Experience the Best Pizza in Red River Gorge

While it is hard to resist the sweet seasonal smells of cooking in and around Red River Gorge, Kentucky, if you are looking to experience a taste that may only be found locally, you absolutely MUST stop at Miguel’s Pizza. Here, you will have the unique capability of consuming pizza with freshly made dough and amazing toppings such as bacon, sweet potatoes, pesto, and many, many more. The favored drink is created, specifically, in the area. It is called “Ale-8-One” ginger ale. This amazing restaurant is located at 1890 Natural Bridge Road.


Many colorful possibilities for exploration, dining, and fun abound during the fall months in Red River Gorge, Kentucky. While it is true that it is possible to pitch a tent just about anywhere, why should you? Simply book a luxurious wood cabin at the Cabins of Birch Hollow. Not only will you have all of the amenities of home (away from home), you will also have spectacular views, lavish luxuries, and your own private space to enjoy autumn in Red River Gorge, Kentucky. To make your reservations at the Cabins of Birch Hollow, call us today by dialing: 606-663-0005