Exploring the Colorful Possibilities of Red River Gorge, Kentucky During Fall (Part 6)

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red-river-gorge-kentucky-caveIf you are searching for a whole-family getaway for the Thanksgiving Holidays, you should consider exploring the colorful possibilities of Red River Gorge, Kentucky. Not only do we have a variety of events and attractions in the area that are wonderful for newlyweds, senior citizens, and groups, but, we have a large assortment of attractions and events that are perfect for the traveling family. Here at Cabins of Birch Hollow, we have been outlining these magnificent options in our series, “Exploring the Colorful Possibilities of Red River Gorge, Kentucky during fall”. In this final installment, we will summarize the family-oriented events that we have previously outlined. In the final section of this series, we will also outline many specials that we are currently offering at Cabins of Birch Hollow.


The first and most exciting of all attractions that may be enjoyed by traveling families to Red River Gorge, Kentucky during the Thanksgiving Holidays is nature. As you arrive in the region, you will discover that it is a colorful paradise. The leaves on the trees have changed into various hues of reds, golds, browns, oranges, and purples. Not only are these leaves still present on the branches of the trees, but, they now line the ground. Being that the leaves have started to fall, you will be able to personally witness the outcroppings of rocks and cliffs that were previously hidden. If you and your family enjoy the wonder and beauty of the natural world, you are sure to enjoy Red River Gorge, Kentucky.


When visiting Red River Gorge, you will find that there are many exciting ways to adventure in and around the region. If you enjoy adrenaline rushes, you may zipline across the area. If you enjoy being around the water, you may rent a canoe, take a boat trip, or enjoy a little fishing. If you enjoy the great outdoors and taken the less-beaten path to explore, you will be thrilled with the biking and hiking possibilities in and around the region. You and your family may also explore the excitement of rock climbing at the Torrent Falls Climbing Adventure – the choice is yours!

Our Specials

During the Thanksgiving Holidays, we here at Cabins of Birch Hollow are offering a tremendous amount of discounts and specials to accommodate you. For example:

  • For a limited time, all internet bookings get 15% off of their cabin rental.
  • Seniors over the age of 60 get 20% off weekday bookings.
  • We are offering a year-round 20% discount to active and retired military personnel. This is great for those that want to travel to celebrate Veteran’s Day!

We thank you for following our series. We look forward to meeting you, face-to-face, throughout the Month of November. Fall in Red River Gorge, Kentucky is an amazing experience that will leave you and your loved ones with a lifetime full of wonderful memories. If you are ready to start your fall adventure in Red River Gorge, contact us at 606-663-0005