Holiday in the Hills of Kentucky (Part 3)

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Holiday in the Hills of Kentucky - frosty
Now that Thanksgiving has passed, the staff here at Cabins of Birch Hollow has been working diligently to decorate the vast array of beautiful wood cabins nestled in the hills of one of Kentucky’s most coveted regions –the Red Gorge area. Each of our luxurious cabins is decorated with Christmas trees that welcome you, your family, and the Christmas season. As you walk into your holiday cabin, you will be welcomed with glistening tinsel, sparkling decorations, and a beautifully hand-decorated tree that is sure to lift your holiday spirits!

Holiday in the Hills of Kentucky-porchWhile the winter months in Kentucky do not hold a high level of appeal to many, those that have an appreciation of a mild, winter chill and the crispness of the air are sure to enjoy the holidays in the hills of Kentucky! The ice and the snow glisten in the rays of the sun, as well as the beams of moonlight that lighten up the night. The trees stand firm as they welcome the native winter birds on their branches. The icy trails in the hills of Kentucky have something to offer everyone!

While staying in the hills of Kentucky this holiday season, you will have the unique opportunity to reconnect to nature and those that you love. The Cabins of Birch Hollow offers you the unique opportunity to stay in one of the best-kept secrets of the region –a quiet, beautiful location that is prized by the locals. Your cabin will be surrounded by a beautiful array of winter flora, wildlife, and landscapes. Not only will you be able to enjoy nature and its true beauty, but, you will escape your day-to-day life, allowing for more time with your loved ones.

Holiday in the Hills of Kentucky - diningDuring the holidays, Hemlock Lodge (which is located in close proximity to the Cabins of Birch Hollow), offers a unique dining experience for you and your family. Not only will you get to select from a carefully crafted menu, there is something for everyone in your family at the diner at Hemlock Lodge – regardless of age! Being that this particular diner is the only one open in the area during the holidays, you and yours will get the opportunity to meet and become friends with many of the locals that frequent the Lodge.

If you are searching for a “home away from home” this holiday season, we welcome you to join us at our home. Not only will you enjoy the luxurious cabin that we offer you, but, you will find that the amenities are top-rated. Why waste precious time decorating your own home and cooking your meals when you can escape to the hills of Kentucky where someone else does it all? You will be thrilled when you experience this beautiful and awe-inspiring area for yourself! If you want to reconnect with nature and your loved ones, this is the way to go! Bring your entire family! We offer a large variety of specials, discounts, and gift certificates during the holidays! For more information, click HERE.