Holidays in the Hills of Kentucky (Part 4)

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Holidays in the Hills of Kentucky 4Thank you for continuing to follow our series, “Holidays in the Hills of Kentucky”. Over the course of the past few weeks, we have expounded on the magic and magnificent of celebrating the holidays in the hills of the State of Kentucky. You have learned about the luxurious cabins that we offer guests, been presented with information about the hiking adventures that await you and the rock climbing quests, and have even learned that when you arrive, your cabin will be exquisitely designed to reflect the season, complete with a warm, inviting fire and a hot, bubbly spa. This week, we are going to reflect on the most important aspect of celebrating the holidays in the hills of Kentucky – your family.

Discover the Holiday Spirit

All too often, during the holidays, we get lost and caught up in the midst of consumerism. It is common to focus on gift-buying, money, elaborate decorations, and even the decadence of the savory and sweet foods that abound. One of the most productive aspects of celebrating the holidays in the hills of Kentucky is that you will get to discover the holiday spirit – the real holiday spirit – by focusing on what is most important; that is, your family. Christmas is more than just a perfectly-wrapped, expensive present underneath the tree. It is about those perfect presents that God has blessed you with – your parents, your spouse, your children, and other members of your family.

The Most Precious of All Gifts

When celebrating the holidays in the hills of Kentucky, you will get to enjoy your family, which are the most precious of all gifts. Additionally, you can give the gift of your time and of your love. By staying at the Cabins of Birch Hollow this holiday season, you will have nothing but your time and your love in which to relish. You will discover that this region allows you to escape from the frantic hustle and the extreme bustle of your day-to-day lives. You will not be restricted to a certain schedule, certain days off, or inhibited by a multitude of distractions. Instead, you will be able to focus on the quiet, the calm, and the love of the season.

Holidays in the Hills of Kentucky - cabinEnjoyable Activities for All Ages

As you arrive at the Cabins of Birch Hollow, you will find that your home for the holidays has been elaborately decorated – which leaves you more time for the enjoyable activities in the area that may be enjoyed by all ages. Examples of these activities include spending time outdoors, searching for the wildlife that abounds in the region, looking at the beautiful holiday displays, creating holiday crafts, baking your favorite holiday treats, sipping cocoa by a warm fire while roasting marshmallows, and similar events. This holiday season; strive to remove the commercialism from the season. Instead, simply focus on those that mean the world to you – your family. If you would like to learn more about our cabins and the activities taking place in the hills of Kentucky this holiday season, simply click HERE.