Many thanks to Sandy Day Long for taking a video of the entire drive through our beloved Nada Tunnel at the entrance to the Red River Gorge! It feels like you are in the driver’s seat seeing it first hand! We are so grateful she shared this on You Tube in April 2017 and gave us permission to share it here with you! She also has a wonderful story about what Nada Tunnel means to her:

“I have a lot of memories as a child going through this with my dad. He grew up in Frenchburg and we spent a lot of time through the years down there. His grandfather (my great grandfather) was supposed to be the 2nd person to ever go through the tunnel when it was first completed. He helped to dig it out. Thanks for sharing it so others can enjoy it too!”

Enjoy the ride with Sandy! Then, come take a drive through Nada Tunnel yourself! You and your family will never forget it!