Step Four – December 2020 – Aerial View of Ponds and Dams

We already have buyers lining up to buy the premiere lots around the ponds and dams, before the excavation is even completed! One buyer who is purchasing 3 lots is a professional mapper and owner of Global Information Systems, LLC. He made this drone in order to map out the lots he wants. Both dams will be walkable – so guests can hike across or toss a line in the ponds to catch a fish for dinner! Cars will drive around the dam at the end of the larger pond, in order to reach the higher part of the mountain, where 5 of our cabins are currently located. Public water is already installed and ready for hook-up to the new cabins. Weather permitting, plans are moving ahead to plant grass on the two dams and to clear as many lots around the new ponds as possible before Spring, so potential buyers can envision their own dream cabin being built there!

Step Three – Fall 2020 – Building 2nd Pond and Two Dams

Before Winter, we hope to complete the excavation of the second pond and both dams. The upper dam will allow guests to drive across from one side to the other, viewing both the upper and the lower ponds, and heading up to the higher part of the mountain. Guests can walk across the lower dam, stopping to sit on a huge boulder and throw a fishing line in the lower pond to catch a bass for dinner! From one of the beautiful cleared lots, you can envision viewing the 2nd pond from the hot tub in your own dream cabin! 

Give us a call to learn more about building your own dream cabin at 606-481-1031 and become one of our happy investors before we usher in a new year!

Step Two - April 2020 – View of First
Pond and Cleared Road.

After numerous setbacks due to heavy rains, the first pond was excavated and filled in with water before Spring, the surrounding road compacted, and several building lots cleared. Progress was halted with the unexpected arrival of the Coronavirus, and resulting cancellations just as the Season began in March.

With the Red River Gorge closed due to COVID-19, photographer and friend John Snell was itching to get some Spring flower shots and asked if he could spend some time in Birch Hollow exploring for wildflowers. He stayed at Snuggle Inn in mid-April and had several days to walk the hiking trails – capturing these gorgeous images of the first pond filled with water and the road surrounding it.  He also discovered these beautiful wildflowers throughout Birch Hollow!

Step One - Fall 2019 - New Pond Excavation at
Cabins of Birch Hollow

Our developer's vision is to GROW in 2020, adding more deluxe mountain homes in our 300-acre private development! The rains finally stopped long enough for the excavation of a brand new road, creation of a huge pond and not one, but TWO, dams - one you will be able to drive across! 15 building lots will be cleared all around the new pond, and the pond will be stocked with bluegill, crappie and bass you can catch and eat! It's time for our guests to pick out their favorite lot and finally build their own dream cabin!