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All 10 of our deluxe mountain homes are owned by happy investors!  They are happy because owning a vacation rental cabin in Birch Hollow is an investment that PAYS FOR ITSELF – and you can enjoy it yourself whenever you want, with management in place!

Seclusion and social distancing has been a Way of Life here since 2007!!  Since the national shutdown, there has been an unprecedented surge of new buyers wanting exactly what the premiere cabins in our 300-acre private development offer:  Escape from crowded cities, work or take classes online with Wi-Fi, enjoy the beauty and peace of Nature right here – or head over to the Red River Gorge and Natural Bridge State Resort Park in less than 15 minutes - and end your day around a fire pit or relaxing in a bubbling hot tub under a Kentucky moon!  As of November 2020, five of our cabins have been sold to new investors, and two are under contract!  Only two are still available – fully furnished and decorated - so give Dale a call as soon as possible at 606-481-1031 and become one of our happy investors before we usher in 2021! Print our full-color brochure featuring all 10 of our deluxe mountain homes by clicking here.

Do you want to build your very own dream cabin on one of our amazing lots in Birch Hollow? Check out the new pond and dam with beautiful cleared lots ready for building here.

Meet Dale Smith, the developer and manager of Birch Hollow, and President of Creative Real Estate Solutions, Inc. (CRES), a company that specializes in putting together creative and workable investment opportunities for both first-time/conservative and experienced/aggressive real estate investors.  He was chosen Exchanger of the Year 2019 - For Exchanges Over $1 Million - by the Kentucky Real Estate Exchangers (KREE), one of the largest exchange groups in the nation.  As a licensed real estate broker for more than 40 years and an expert on 1031 tax-deferred exchanges, he has counseled hundreds of people, helping them realize their dreams of ownership, even when they didn’t believe it was possible for them!

Dale can show you how to deal with challenges in today’s real estate market, as well as challenges holding you back from becoming an owner/investor. Since he provides full-time professional management of Birch Hollow, he can offer a truly unique opportunity to combine a deluxe mountain getaway for you and your loved ones with a fantastic investment you don’t have to manage yourself!

If you love what you see when you peruse the cabin pictures, and videos right here on our website, or if you have stayed in one or more of our beautiful mountain homes yourself and love coming here, let us share with you what these cabins are all about and how you might be able to fulfill a dream of owning one of them yourself – even if you have never owned an investment property before!

Each cabin has a unique design and theme, with meticulous attention to detail – both in workmanship of construction and in furnishings and décor.  This is how we have attracted good customers like you who keep coming back again and again ever since we built the first cabin in 2007. 

The 10 deluxe mountain homes in Birch Hollow in Stanton, Kentucky, are owned by private individual investors who take great pride in the quality of their property.  Our premiere cabins offer a fantastic getaway for guests from near and far who love the natural beauty, adventure, and remoteness of the Red River Gorge and Natural Bridge area, but who want to enjoy the seclusion of a private development. 

Some of our cabin owners/investors come to the Hollow several times a year to enjoy their cabins, while other owners live too far away to visit.  Either way, these owners enjoy complete hands-off cabin ownership. This means they can rely on Dale’s experienced management team to handle every aspect of renting and maintaining their cabins, while the owners just sit back and relax, receive a check each month, and reduce their taxable income or business taxes each year!

Dale cares about every guest, every cabin, and every investor/owner, and he and his dedicated team are committed to providing a wonderful and memorable experience to all of our Birch Hollow guests, year after year.  He spends most of his time in Birch Hollow and loves greeting our incoming guests and getting to know them better. Many return year after year and have become part of our Birch Hollow family – because they feel Dale and the staff make them feel welcome and appreciated.

CRES has joint-ventured with one of the largest and most successful development companies in Kentucky to fully develop all 300 acres in Birch Hollow to include dozens of exclusive building lots for investors and new owners to build the mountain home of their dreams. These new lots may be offered to qualified investors with owner financing, joint ventures, build to suit, or as great investments using self-directed IRAs or other retirement funds. The Hollow is expanding to include another large pond and dam, plus additional hiking trails, with opportunities for our adventurous guests to find hidden treasures in the area as it is cleared and developed.

For investors, this means ownership of an investment in a private development that is continuing to grow and will offer even more to future guests, in addition to the opportunity to occasionally enjoy their cabin and the awesome beauty of this area with family and friends. Alternately, you may choose to purchase a deluxe cabin here as a first or second home. Either way, you will be the proud owner of one of the area’s premier, custom-built cabins.

Every cabin's pictures enable you to feel like you are walking in the front door and seeing every room and feature, top to bottom, as well as views from the porches and decks. You will also see reviews from our guests who visited that cabin over the last couple of years.  

If you are on a computer, we hope you enjoy the aerial photography of our cabins on our home page that was recently created by one of our talented guests! It’s like you were flying over them in your own helicopter! If you are on a tablet or smartphone click here.

Or take a 12-minute walk through Birch Hollow with expert survival trainer Craig Caudill of Nature Reliance School by clicking here!  He is a wealth of knowledge and lives nearby in Winchester, Kentucky.

Print our full-color brochure featuring all 10 of our deluxe mountain homes by clicking here.

If you would like more information about this exciting opportunity, including pricing data for any of the cabins in Birch Hollow, just give Dale a call anytime. Hopefully, you will book a cabin that interests you in order to experience it for yourself!  He looks forward to meeting you when you come visit us in the fabulous Kentucky Rockies! Dale knows this country well, loves coming here year after year, and would be delighted to share with you the history, beauty, and joy of nature that surrounds you when you come to the Hollow, the Red River Gorge, and Natural Bridge, in the Daniel Boone National Forest.

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