Romantic Cabin Getaways in Birch Hollow – Part 2

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Last week, you were introduced to the romantic cabin getaways located in Birch Hollow in Part 1 of our series, “Romantic Cabin Getaways in Birch Hollow – Enjoy the Beautiful Scenery and Weather That Red River Gorge Kentucky Has to Offer during the Fall Months”. This privately owned parcel of land near Red River Gorge Kentucky in Powell County offers the most awe-inspiring natural wonders and absolutely gorgeous weather during the fall months. In addition to being provided with a comprehensive description of the area, you were also introduced to the various activities that may be pursued while enjoying the romantic cabin getaways in Birch Hollow. This week, you will be introduced to the Red River Gorge Kentucky region and the best ways to explore this area and enjoy time with your significant other.

Red River Gorge Kentucky

Red River Gorge Kentucky is nestled in the midst of the ever-popular Daniel Boone Country. As you explore this magnificent region, you will be captivated by the breathtaking fall colors as they sit in front of a backdrop of numerous natural wonders, such as exquisite geological formations and the ever-popular Natural Bridge attraction. While in this tantalizing region of majestic trees, brightly-colored flowers, free-flowing waters, and curious wildlife there are a wide array of activities that may be pursued. Examples include hiking through one of the many nature trails, camping amidst a backdrop of colorful plants, and settling down for a romantic evening in one of the alluring romantic cabin getaways available at the Cabins of Birch Hollow. Continue reading for information on activities that you are sure to enjoy in Red River Gorge Kentucky.

Hike the Rock Bridge Loop

How would you enjoy an exceptionally easy hike through the beautiful woods at Red River Gorge Kentucky that has an exquisite and captivating waterfall nestled magically beneath a natural arch? This is a wonderful way to explore the natural habitat of the region as the hike is very easy and spans over a distance of approximately 1.5 miles. Before starting the hike, you will have access to restroom facilities. As you embark on the adventure, you will discover that most of the trail is paved and has steps that are carved into the trail to make descents and ascents easy. Fall is considered to be one of the best times to hike the Rock Bridge Loop due to the vibrant colors displayed among the trees.

Sky Bridge Loop

Once you have decided to embark on one of the romantic cabin getaways at the Cabins of Birch Wood, you should pack up a picnic and head out to Sky Bridge Loop for an amazing view. It is very easy to walk out onto the natural bridge, but, watch your step at the end. This is an absolutely magnificent spot to have a picnic lunch with your significant other! Be sure to bring along the camera so that you may obtain some sweet shots of the area!

The fall months offer a wide array of awesome activities that may be pursued at Red River Gorge Kentucky. The Cabins of Birch Wood offer romantic cabin getaways like none other. Call us today at 606.663.0005 to book your reservation so that you may experience the beauty and appeal of Powell County, Kentucky firsthand this fall.

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