Take a 12-minute Tour of Birch Hollow with Survival Expert Craig Caudill !

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Did you know that dandelions are not only edible, but they have more beta carotene than carrots?  Bet you thought they were just weeds, right?  Can you guess what plant is a natural insecticide, and which one protects you from poison ivy? 

Learn some amazing secrets Nature can teach us about food and medicine that is growing all around us, right before our eyes, in this beautiful wonderland known as The Gorge!  No need to stop at the grocery store or pharmacy!  And it’s FREE!

Take a 12-minute walking tour of Birch Hollow with our good friend and survival expert Craig Caudill. Craig is the Director of Nature Reliance School in nearby Winchester, Kentucky, and he loves teaching students of all ages about the incredible gifts Nature freely provides to enable us to survive and thrive!  

He taught a large group of cabin guests at our first survival camp in Birch Hollow last year, and we had a great time learning together.

In this video, Craig also share some really cool stories about a lady boot-legger named Aunt Bea who lived in the Hollow, an old stone chimney you may stumble upon during a hike on our very own Dale Hollow Trail, and how some early settlers lived off the land right here, over a hundred years ago.  

You will feel like you are walking right along with Craig as he shows you amazing rock formations, a variety of trees and plants, and a few of our 10 deluxe cabins.

Listen for the sound of the brook that flows all through the Hollow, and you may catch the sound of wildlife in the distance if you listen carefully.  You’ll even see a quaint spot for a simple wedding!

We hope this tour will whet your appetite for getting back to Nature with us. Come hike through our 200 private acres, and you may discover unexpected waterfalls and breath-taking views.  

Surrounded by the peacefulness and natural beauty of this area, you and your loved ones deserve to experience once again – or maybe for the very first time – what it means to be restored and re-vitalized by Nature herself!

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