The Gorge is Absolutely GORGE-OUS in the Fall !!

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       September 2016    Don’t Miss Spectacular Fall Colors as Nature Puts on a Show !!

There is nothing like Autumn at Natural Bridge and the Red River Gorge !! 

If you haven’t seen Natural Bridge and the Red River Gorge in the Fall, you have missed one of Nature’s most spectacular gifts to the world!  A picture is worth a thousand words, but NOTHING compares to seeing the breathtaking hues of Autumn with your very own eyes!

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  • The Natural Bridge Sandstone Arch is the most popular vantage point in the Daniel Boone National Forest for seeing the soaring kaleidoscope of Fall colors in October?
  • The 78 ft long and 65 ft high arch was created over a period of millions of years and is the most visited arch in Kentucky?
  • There are 12 hiking trails covering over 20 miles at Natural Bridge State Resort Park for adventurous hikers who enjoy a challenge?
  • The sky lift to Natural Bridge is open until the end of October and offers a relaxing ride and easy walk to the arch, as well as to several other famous sites?
  • Pets are allowed only on two trails at Natural Bridge State Resort Park, but all trails are open to pets in the Red River Gorge?
  • There are over 40 hiking trails in the Red River Gorge, and you can reach some of the most magnificent rock formations, arches, and views only if you hike to them?
  • Just driving through the 17 miles of the Red River Gorge and stopping at easily accessible vantage points such as Chimney Rock and Devil’s Canyon, offer an amazing panorama in the Fall, even if you aren’t an avid hiker?
  • Birch Hollow offers an unbeatable place to re-connect with your loved ones after an inspiring day viewing the miraculous colors of Mother Nature – and we have our very own private hiking trail?

Please take a few minutes to enjoy some beautiful Autumn images by our favorite Kentucky photographer John W. Snell, plus some fun shots shared by a Louisville hiking club, and get on over here to feast your eyes on this natural wonderland in its glory!

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We promise to keep you updated on everything new in our neck ‘o the woods via our newsletters and our website, so stay tuned!

 Dale, Katy, and all the Staff and Crew in the ‘Holler